IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials

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IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials is an intensive, practical, and activity-based course designed to equip CEOs, Board Members, and Executive Directors with the understanding and tools necessary to plan and implement a risk management culture within your organisation’s governance. This course provides the skills needed to create truly sustainable strategies in our rapidly evolving professional landscape.

This comprehensive and robust programme is crafted to future-proof your organisation, fostering both structural and cultural resilience while cultivating an environment conducive to sustained growth.

Who is this course for?

IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials is specifically targeted at CEOs, Board Members, and Executive Directors.

What can you expect?

Corporate Risk Essentials transforms theory into practice, integrating practical activities throughout the programme. This dynamic executive leadership masterclass is designed to be fast-paced and brimming with essential insights. It will aid in expanding your knowledge and honing skills that will directly enhance day-to-day operations.

Why choose IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials?

This energetic, engaging, and delivery-focused masterclass has been developed for businesses that understand the urgency of action. Incorporating ISO 31000 principles, it provides guidance for embedding risk-based decision-making into your organisation’s governance.

It empowers your most senior personnel to leverage their skills and expertise in threat analysis, while also developing strategic, effective, and practical responses.

Business benefits:

Enrolling in IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials will enable your organisation to:

  • Confidently navigate changes in the world of work
  • Repurpose risks as opportunities
  • Set targets, strategise, and delve into the crucial ‘what ifs?’
  • Foster resilience, enhanced productivity, and opportunities for growth
  • Secure a clear competitive advantage, both now and in the future


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This masterclass is designed to equip CEOs, Board Members, and Executive Directors with the knowledge and tools to understand, plan, and implement a risk management culture as part of their organisation’s governance. It offers a blend of theory and practical activities, providing you with the skills to devise sustainable strategies in an ever-changing work environment.
  • Understand the principles of corporate risk
  • Plan and implement a risk management culture
  • Develop sustainable strategies for your organisation
  • Future-proof your organisation by building structural and cultural resilience
The masterclass incorporates practical activities and assessments to ensure the concepts delivered are well-understood and can be effectively applied in real-life scenarios.
Q: Who should attend this course?
A: This course is aimed at CEOs, Board Members, and Executive Directors looking to improve their understanding and management of corporate risk. Q: What is the course delivery method?
A: The course is fast-paced, activity-based, and brings theory to life with practical applications.
After completing this course, delegates will be equipped to confidently embrace changes in the world of work, repurpose risks as opportunities, set targets, strategise, and explore vital ‘what ifs?’ This will instil resilience, enhance productivity, and growth opportunities, delivering an unmistakable competitive advantage now and in the future.