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Eyton have strong values for the people we employ and the customers we serve. We exist to save lives and we can only make a difference through our people!

In this day and age its very hard for a small company to stand out, to get it’s voice heard over the corporate noise, especially when it’s competing with large organisations who have teams of people just employed to constantly tell the world how good they are.

Well we have chose not to tell you how good we are, but let our customers tell you. Here are a selection of our recent customer feedback forms-

‘An excellent service all round and the rare example of both over-delivering and providing practical consultation in an often bureaucracy heavy sector. Kevin more than warrants the cost for having a professional survey done and given the keen value proposition, should be used as the benchmark for the entire industry.’ – Mr Mitchell

‘Very efficient and quick to respond to enquiries. All staff are professional and competent in what they do and there is a very pro-active approach to resolving issues and supporting us as the client.

As well as working to a broader action plan, whenever specific issues arise or enquiries are made, there is a great ability to respond quickly and provide advice, support and resolution which is highly appreciated.

Regardless of who you deal with within Eyton, the level of response is always excellent.’ – Mr Hood

‘Professional, polite and extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter in hand. He was able to understand the challenges from a business point of view and provide practical straight forward advice with no waffle! From a Flat Management Company point of view, it is important that any advice on the current legislation is provided in this way taking into account the challenges facing such businesses, such as, find good quality contractors and where to find the information on the internet. Ticks all the boxes in this area.

We would be keen to use them again for future fire risk assessments and fire door surveys once we have our new fire doors installed and would like Eyton to quote for this in the future.’ – Mr Garth

‘Thank you for your time today, I just wanted to provide you with some feedback from One of our FM’s.

Deb explains yourselves as a “breath of fresh air” and her personal view is that you out of the 3 previous assessors you are by far the better company. This is due to being very informative and engaging and the fact you walked around the site following the report with Deb and the OIC explaining everything was brilliant.

Finally, the style of report has also been mentioned and how easy this is to understand.

I think you will agree the fact an FM has taken their precious time to contact me for this feedback is invaluable.’ – Mr Rowberry

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