Eyton – Breath of Fresh Air

Eyton Solutions is shaking up the fire consultancy world in the best way possible..

Our mission has always been to ‘Help people live longer, healthier and happier lives’

Our purpose at Eyton Solutions is to save lives, improve health and ensure well-being, with the aim of not only achieving clients legal compliance and but going beyond compliance and strive to give ethical fulfillment.

So when we expanded from our core business of Health & Safety Consultancy and entered in to the Fire Consulting world we knew our mission and purpose would serve us well.

Now, I am not writing this blog to point out the fact that we are now working with a whole range of businesses and organisations including Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Social Housing, Local Councils and also County Councils although that is amazing. With a special mention to our most recent County Council, Worcestershire County Council where we were selected to deliver their Fire Risk Assessments program for the next 5 years.

I wanted to highlight an email I received on Friday afternoon which a facilities manager from a County Council contacted their lead of the contract the Principal Risk Officer and wanted to say the following about Eyton: –

“breath of fresh air” and her personal view is that you are by far the better company. This is due to being very informative and engaging and the fact you walked around the site following the report with the FM and the OIC explaining everything was brilliant.

Finally, the style of report has also been mentioned and how easy this is to understand.

I think you will agree the fact an FM has taken their precious time to contact me for this feedback is invaluable.

We are able to provide this level of service for one reason and that’s our people. This feedback demonstrates to us that we are living and breathing the second part of our purpose –

By inspiring people to want to work and live in a safe and healthy way through passionate engagement, deep knowledge and committed Leadership. With a ‘people first’ approach, we focus on the humans behind the policies, procedures and systems. Supporting them through transformational change and helping them to address the complex business challenges.

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