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Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets

We inspire people wanting to work and live in a safe and healthy way.


Through passionate engagement, deep knowledge, and committed Leadership With a ‘people first’ approach. We focus on the people behind the policies, procedures, and systems. Supporting them through transformational change, helping them to address complex business challenges.

White Structure

Construction Consultancy

Whether you are a Client, Principal Contractor, Principal Designer, or Contractor, we can help.

Face Mask

Face-Fit Testing

We ensure that the mask makes and model your employee wears is adequate for the task it is being used for and suitable for them as individuals. 

German Teacher

ISO45001 Management System

We can assist with the full Plan, Do, Check, Act process ensuring you have an embedded health & safety management system to be proud of.

Construction Workers

Safety and Construction Projects

We will work with you in an open and honest way that understands the world is not perfect. Through our strong people and system-based audits we can create a strong strategic vision that will ultimately provide a healthy and safe workforce and as a result, give true assurances to your organisation's Health & Safety performance.

We can assist with the strategic setting or reviewing of policies, involving the relevant stakeholders, understanding your current position and helping to create a vision which will satisfy your stakeholders and your progression.


We can then assist with procedure writing, critical friend audits, health and safety planning, and implementation, along with inspections, accident investigation, training, occupational health strategies, risk assessing (RAMS risk assessments, Method statements), safe operating procedures, Legal updates and much more.

We will work with you so that your internal teams are self-sufficient, and we can provide a check and balance function. 



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