Fire Safety Bill becomes the Fire Safety Act 2021

Eyton Solutions have once again pressed further to proudly announce that we have been successful onto the Fusion 21 framework to provide Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments.

In a statement released by Fusion 21, “We are delighted to welcome all of the new suppliers onto the framework, including Eyton Solutions Limited. The tender process was highly competitive, and the process has identified the best contractors for our members to use.”

“A further, real benefit to our members and their communities is the social value delivery that is aligned to organisational priorities and can be monitored and reported against for all call offs.”

It comes as the Fire Safety Bill becomes the Fire Safety Act 2021, receiving Royal Assent into law last week and implementing clarifications and amendments into the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The dynamics of the fire safety legislation and the fall out from Grenfell are rapidly changing to improve fire safety within premises across the UK. Now more than ever it is essential that you have a competent person conducting your fire risk assessments, and UKAS accredited assessors are strongly being recommended across the industry.

The Fire Safety Act 2021 places a clarifying amendment into Article 50 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, where if “risk-based guidance” is not followed to implement the Articles of the Order, this can be used as a method to demonstrate a breach of the law.

In simple terms, your risk assessment now must be benchmarked with an approved standard- legally. Tick boxing and lack of content assessments done in the minimal amount of time are very widely becoming recognised as not suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessments. Can yours stand up to the scrutiny and the latest changes in the law?

Responsible Persons must ensure that they conduct due diligence checks on the persons and companies they employ to conduct their fire risk assessments, and these checks must be demonstrable if called upon in a court of law.

Employing a third-party accredited Fire Risk Assessor allows the Responsible Person an ability to a defence for conducting such due diligence but even then, ignorance is still not a defence and corners can still be cut by those who are considered competent on these registers.

How can this be so? Many factors can lead to corners being cut, with time and money being the biggest culprits. Cheaper assessors will not necessarily do the job properly, given they have to make money and will therefore conduct more assessments in a days work, leading them to spending less time on your premises.

Therefore, it is really important to check the work that has been conducted by the Fire Risk Assessor (even accredited ones) and ensure its assurances hold up with the correct standards. Ask yourself how long they are spending at your premises. Even with Accredited Assessors, like the famous saying goes, “if you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys”.

Contact Eyton Solutions for more information or for a quote on a fire risk assessment that can be relied on for the highest assurances.

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