Fire risk assessments

A fire risk assessment is a key activity to recognising and understanding the big picture when it comes to fire safety within your premises. By law (Article 9 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005), a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment must be carried out in every building in England and Wales unless it is a domestic dwelling. 


At Eyton Solutions, we are a UKAS Accredited by BAFE to provide the top-quality life safety fire risk assessments you need. To further guarantee our level of quality, our fire risk assessors themselves have had their level of competence individually verified under the UKAS Nationally Accredited scheme FRACS with Warrington fire.


We pride ourselves as a fire industry leader of quality when it comes to fire risk assessments which have consistently been verified by our customers who have employed our services. We know how serious fire safety is, we do not faulter on the quality of the assessment as we know it saves lives.


With our assessments, you will receive a comprehensive and concise report with photographic evidence which will cover the findings of your premises and will be benchmarked in accordance with the latest British Standards. This will give you the necessary knowledge and direction to achieve best practice fire safety standards within your premises and organisation.


The completion of the assessment will come with a closing summary, scoring, and a BAFE certificate to authenticate the document once quality checks have been carried out and all drafts finalised.


All our fire risk assessments will come with an easy-to-follow fire action plan. Once the fire risk assessment has been completed, that doesn’t mean that our journey comes to an end. We at Eyton Solutions will support you where necessary or upon request in addressing any findings relating to the fire risk assessment, we produce for you.