Fire door inspections

Fire doors are an essential part of any passive fire protection within buildings and can literally be the difference between life and death.


Fire doors are classed as essential pieces of safety equipment. As such, it is a legal requirement to ensure a suitable maintenance regime for fire doors as per Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Did you know that companies and landlords have been fined approximately £40,000 even where no fire has occurred?


What we do! We provide fire door inspections out by inspectors who are certified by FDIS, the only nationally accredited scheme for Fire Door Inspections. This provides assurance that you are getting a competent professional inspection service which may help to save lives and demonstrate legal compliance to any authority and/or your tenants.

This involves the production of a full report for each door inspected, its door hardware, and surrounding compartmentation. Within the report will detail any raised issues and where necessary, advise to assist you in addressing these issues. You also will receive a detailed inventory covering what is installed on each door, and an FDIS label which will be affixed to each door with its own reference code. All of this can then be used by you to demonstrate your maintenance schedule to any authority requiring evidence.

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Image from  2021

No matter the premises whether a commercial premise, nursing homes, schools, sleeping accommodation, social housing, and local authority. All building occupiers have a right to feel safe!