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Occupational lung disease is the biggest killer in the UK.

12,000 Lung disease deaths each year are estimated to be linked to past exposures at work.

13,000 deaths each year are estimated to be linked with work-related dust and chemicals.

During 2008-12, lung diseases were responsible for 20% of all deaths in the UK each year.

These numbers can not be ignored! 

It is a legal requirement for anyone who wears a tightly fitted respirator to be fit tested to that mask make and model and has been since 2002 as it is part of the COSHH regulations.

With everything that we do, we do it with passion, precision, and to the highest standard. We ensure that the mask makes and model your employee wears is adequate for the task it is being used for and suitable for them as individuals. As approved Fit2Fit testers we ensure the highest standard of tests to ensure your employees are protected.

Also, although the ultimate responsibility for the training of RPE lies with the employer, we will provide training to any delegate whom we see does not have adequate knowledge of mask use, maintenance, cleaning, and storage. As there is no obligation for fit testers to provide this service, it is not always guaranteed by other providers. This ensures that your employee, once they have passed the test, has the essential knowledge of the mask, the hazards they face and are trained in fitting the mask correctly.

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