Choosing an IOSH Training Course in 2024

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a prestigious organisation offering globally recognised occupational safety and health qualifications. IOSH courses equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to create safe and healthy working environments.

If you’re looking to further your career in health and safety or simply want to improve your understanding of this crucial area, choosing an IOSH training course is a great decision. However, with a wide range of courses available, knowing which one is best suited for your needs can be challenging. In this article, we’ll discuss the course options and factors you should consider when choosing an IOSH training course for 2024.

Choosing an IOSH Training Course in 2024

Benefits of IOSH Certification

Before exploring the specifics of IOSH training courses, let’s understand the benefits of becoming IOSH certified. Some of the advantages include:

Recognition: IOSH qualifications are an internationally recognised certification, which is highly valued by employers across various industries.

Career advancement: Holding an IOSH certificate can open up new career opportunities and help you progress in your current role.

Professional development: IOSH courses provide practical and theoretical knowledge that can enhance your skills and understanding of health and safety.

IOSH Course Overview

IOSH offers a range of health and safety awareness courses tailored for different levels within an organisation. These courses are designed to address real health and safety issues in the workplace using practical tools and knowledge. They are divided into three main categories:

Core Skills: IOSH courses like Working Safely, Fire Safety Awareness, and Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers, focusing on basic safety training for all employees.

Management Education: Includes courses such as Managing Safely®, Managing Safely Refresher, Managing Sustainably, Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing, Fire Safety for Managers, and Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers. These are aimed at managers and supervisors, providing them with the skills to implement and effectively manage health and safety in the workplace.

Executive Education: IOSH courses like Leading Safely, Leading Sustainably, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Risk Essentials are designed for senior executives and leaders, focusing on strategic aspects of health and safety management.

Choosing Your IOSH Course

Choosing Your IOSH Course

If you’re looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in health and safety, IOSH offers a range of courses catering to different levels of experience. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

Your career goals: Do you want to advance in your current role or branch out into a different industry? The type of course you choose will depend on your specific career objectives.

Level of experience: Are you new to health and safety or have some experience in the field? IOSH offers courses for beginners, intermediate professionals, and advanced safety professionals too.

Time commitment: Are you able to commit to a longer course, or do you require a more flexible option? Consider your schedule and availability when choosing an IOSH training course.

Learning style: Do you prefer hands-on practical learning, or are you better suited to online self-paced courses? Knowing your preferred learning style can help you choose the most effective course for you.

Budget: As with any training or education, budget is an important factor to consider as IOSH courses vary in price.

IOSH Courses for 2024

There are several IOSH courses available, each catering to specific industries, roles, or levels of experience. To help you select the most suitable IOSH course, we’ve categorised them according to the professional roles they are most relevant to.

IOSH Courses for 2024

Senior Executives and Leaders:

IOSH Corporate Governance

Targeted at members of company boards, non-executive directors, senior decision-makers, and business leaders​​. This course covers the legal obligations of directors and senior managers in ensuring health and safety within their organisation.

IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials

Designed for senior leaders to help them understand the risks associated with their organisation and how best to manage them​. This course goes beyond traditional health and safety management, covering other areas such as financial, reputational, environmental, and business continuity risks.

IOSH Leading Safely

Specifically developed for senior executives with strategic health and safety responsibilities in their organisation​. This course aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to make effective decisions regarding health and safety in the workplace.

IOSH Leading Sustainably

This course is designed for senior leaders who want to integrate sustainability into their organisation’s strategic decision-making process. It covers the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability and how they can be managed effectively.

IOSH Environment for Business

Targeted at senior leaders, managers, and directors who have strategic responsibility for environmental management​. This course aims to provide an understanding of the environmental risks and opportunities facing businesses and how to develop a successful sustainability strategy.

Managers and Supervisors:

IOSH Fire Safety for Managers

This course is designed for managers and supervisors who are responsible for fire safety in the workplace. It covers the legal requirements, risk assessment, and emergency planning needed to control risks and ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

IOSH Managing Safely® & Managing Safely Refresher

This is a comprehensive course for managers and supervisors in any sector, covering all aspects of health and safety management. It is suitable for those who are responsible for the safety of others in their organisation, including employees, contractors, and visitors.

IOSH Managing Sustainably

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for businesses to consider in their operations. This course is designed for managers and supervisors who want to incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day decision-making. It covers the principles of sustainability, how to identify and manage key sustainability issues, and how to integrate sustainability into business strategies.

IOSH SHE for Construction Site Managers

This course is specifically tailored for managers and supervisors in the construction industry, covering all aspects of health, safety, and environmental management on construction sites. It is designed to help site managers ensure the safety of their workers, comply with legal requirements and manage environmental risks effectively.

IOSH Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing

Occupational health and wellbeing is important to overall workplace health and safety. This course is designed for managers and supervisors who want to learn about the impact of work-related health issues and how to manage them in the workplace.


IOSH Fire Safety Awareness

Fire safety is a crucial aspect of workplace health and safety that every employee should be aware of. This course provides employees with the knowledge and skills to prevent fires, respond in case of an emergency, and use fire extinguishers effectively. It also covers evacuation procedures, fire risk assessment, and legal requirements.

IOSH Working Safely

This course is designed for all employees, regardless of their job role or industry. It provides a comprehensive overview of workplace health and safety, covering topics such as risk assessment, hazards and risks, accident prevention, safety measures and legal responsibilities. By completing this course, employees will be able to contribute to a safer and healthier working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

IOSH SHE for Construction Workers

Construction workers face unique health, safety, and environmental risks. This course is specifically tailored for construction workers and covers topics such as working at height, manual handling, hazardous substances, and more. It also provides practical tips and techniques for staying safe on construction sites.

Choosing an Accredited IOSH Training Course Provider

One of the most critical factors to consider when selecting an IOSH course is accreditation. Choosing a course from an accredited provider, like Eyton Solutions, is essential as it ensures that the training meets specific quality standards IOSH sets.

This accreditation also means that employers globally recognise and respect the course, giving you an edge in your career. Accredited providers must undergo rigorous assessments and audits by IOSH to maintain their status, ensuring that the course content is always up-to-date and relevant. So when choosing an IOSH training course for 2024, make sure to choose an accredited provider like Eyton Solutions.

IOSH training course 2024

Why Choose Eyton Solutions?

Our team of highly qualified and experienced trainers ensures that our IOSH training courses are not only informative but also engaging and interactive. We understand that each industry has unique health and safety challenges, which is why we tailor our training to meet your specific needs. With our fully accredited courses, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality training that meets industry standards.

Our courses are regularly updated to reflect any changes in legislation or best practices. We also provide ongoing support and resources to our trainees, ensuring that they continue to apply their knowledge and skills in the workplace long after completing the course.

Book Now for 2024

With the constantly evolving landscape of health and safety, staying up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices is vital. By choosing an IOSH training course from Eyton Solutions, you are investing in your professional development and ensuring that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your career.

Our courses fill up quickly, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your career and stay ahead of the competition.

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