You can't ignore face fitting

If you are ignoring health and safety doesn’t make it go away.

- 12,000 Lung disease deaths each year estimated to be linked to past exposures at work.

- 18,000 Estimated annual new cases of self-reported breathing or lung problems caused or made worse by work.

Think this doesn’t apply to you!!! Have a look at your staff who wear masks... are they face fit tested? They are, great 👍🏻, but are they clean shaven🤔!!!

Recently we were asked to complete some face fit tests and we went to see the client to explain the process and found ourselves challenged that you did not need to be clean shaven to wear a mask. We showed them the guidance and educated them on why it is so important. At this stage the Managing Director stopped and left the room and returned with a gent with a very stylish and extremely long beard, it was explained that a previous company had face fit him with this beard!!!!! Not good, not compliant, not safe!!!!

Contact us if you want accredited Fit2Fit testing and if you need help with policy and procedure writing around mask wearing.

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