Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Due to the nature of the health risks posed, it is important that asbestos management is proactive and expertly involved.To do this and comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 all non-domestic properties have a duty to manage the risk of asbestos within their premises.To comply with CAR(2012) the duty holder for the premises must ensure;There is an Asbestos Management Plan in place.All possible ACM’s are identified in the management plan, including methods for managing them in order to prevent persons including contractors from being exposed to asbestos.All staff and contractors must be made aware of ACM’s within the premises by the duty holder.In turn staff/contractors should make the duty holder aware of any possible ACM’s not noted within the asbestos register or any changes in condition to the already identified ACM’s.Asbestos Management Plan is reviewed periodically (12 months minimum) or sooner if there are changes in ACM condition or changes to the building, for example refurbishment within the premises.Review should be completed by a suitably competent person. ACM condition should be inspected with identification of signs of deterioration noted with plans to repair (encapsulate) or remove stated.By managing Asbestos correctly, you are giving all involved peace of mind, the duty holder has peace of mind that they are doing all they can to not expose anyone within their premises to asbestos.Staff and contractors have peace of mind that they themselves are not exposed.Also importantly those within the premises have peace of mind that they are not exposing their loved ones through fibres on their clothing, previously there have been deaths through mesothelioma of 32 year olds who were exposed to asbestos as children from their parents contaminated overalls.

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