Eyton can assist by creating a health management system. By understanding your business and the risks we can develop a bespoke program that will give the protection to your employees, meet legal requirements and where desired develop best practice.

  • 5,000

    There are currently over 5,000 asbestos-related deaths per year including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestos.

  • £848 million

    Employer costs for occupational ill‐health in construction are reportedly £848 million each year.

  • 1.4 million

    The HSE reported 1.4 million workers suffering from work-related ill health (new or long-standing) in 2018/19. 

  • 12,000

    12,000 Lung disease deaths each year estimated to be linked to past exposures at work.

  • 50%

    50% of all workplace cancers appear in construction.

  • 500

    500 people die every year from silica related disease, with the figure expected to rise dramatically in the coming years

  • 300,000

    In 2019 there are 300,000 people suffering from advanced stages of hand arm vibration syndrome, with two million U.K. workers at risk of developing the disease.

  • 5,000

    There were an estimated 79,000 work-related ill health cases with 62% due to musculoskeletal disorders.

  • 43%

    The mental health charity ‘Mind’ report that 43% of people with mental health problems living in social housing have seen their mental health deteriorate as a result of where they live.

  • 13,000

    13,000 Deaths each year estimated to be linked to past exposure at work, primarily to chemicals or dust.


As you will see from the facts below Occupational Health is a huge issue and although as a country, we have made great strides within improving safety, health is still a long way behind.

We can offer the following: -

- Health surveillance

- Policy/Procedure writing

- Risk assessments

- COSHH assessments

- Expert advice on PPE solutions

- Accredited Face fit testing

- Air monitoring

- Vibration Monitoring

- DSE assessments

- Stress management

- Mental Health support

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