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Grenfell Tower tragedy

Fire strategy reviews

Recent tragedies have taught us that upgrades to premises or new builds which in theory comply with the latest Building Regulations, do not.


They become flawed with fire safety problems through a lack of planning, competence, and checks right through to installation.

When the development of a premises takes place, some fire safety elements have not been covered and get forgotten, leading to installation problems, inflated costs and cheaper alternatives.


Fire strategies are important to get right and are an essential part of any planning phase. At Eyton Solutions, we can review proposed fire strategies in place and benchmark proposals against legislation and best practice, ensuring building facilities will support the chosen evacuation strategy, and provide any other beneficial advice around the fire safety of the building, considering a cradle to grave approach of the building’s lifespan.

We will review your fire strategy with any premises to scale drawings that you provide us, checking for any concerns with escape routes, specifications of passive and active fire controls, fire stop and electrical installation requirements, fire facility requirements etc. checking their adequate support for the chosen evacuation strategy for that premises and the standards.


The fire strategy reviews will be carried out by a senior level 4 qualified fire safety consultants giving assurance to the quality of the report you will receive. 


Having a correct fire strategy at design stage can save time, money, and more importantly save lives!

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